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GOLDEN GATE PARK:  San Francisco’s spectacular park covers 1,017 acres (412 ha) — 20 percent larger than Central Park in New York. With 13 million visitors annually, Golden Gate is one of the country’s most-visited city urban parks. 

Named after the nearby Golden Gate strait, the park resulted from the work of field engineer William Hammond Hall, who prepared a survey and topographic map of the site in 1870 and became its commissioner in 1871. Hall and his assistant, John McLaren, who later became the park commissioner in 1887, developed the plan and plantings.

The first stage of the park’s development centered on planting trees in order to stabilize the sand dunes that covered three-quarters of the park’s area. Then, plantings of Eucalyptus globulusMonterey pine, and Monterey cypress and other species covered the land. The park quickly became a major attractive for residents and visitors alike! 

Sources:  Wikipedia and the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Dept.

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